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Chevy V8 Crankshaft Journal Sizes

Here's a list of Chevy V-8 crankshaft journal sizes. All journal sizes are given in "STANDARD" sizes. Your crankshaft may have been cut down in size previously by a machine shop. Make sure your crank will work in the block you have. Blocks were made for each crank main journal size. If you are putting a "small" or "medium" journal smallblock crank into a "medium" or "large" journal smallblock block you will need crank bearing "spacers" or use special "thick" bearings available from aftermarket suppliers.

Chevy Smallblock V8 Crankshaft Journal Sizes

Gen.I, "Small Journal"

265...Mains-2.30"-Rods-2.00" 283...Mains-2.30"-Rods-2.00" 302...Mains-2.30"-Rods-2.00" 327...Mains-2.30"-Rods-2.00"

Gen.I, "Medium Journal", includes "Vortec" 305 and 350 thru '98 262...Mains-2.45"-Rods-2.10" 267...Mains-2.45"-Rods-2.10" 302...Mains-2.45"-Rods-2.10" 305...Mains-2.45"-Rods-2.10" 307...Mains-2.45"-Rods-2.10" 327...Mains-2.45"-Rods-2.10" 350...Mains-2.45"-Rods-2.10"

Gen.I, "Large Journal" 400...Mains-2.65"-rods-2.10"

Non-production Gen.I combination, using Gen.I 400 crank in Gen.I 350 block 383...400 crank, Mains cut to 2.45"-Rods-2.10"

Non-production Gen.I combination, using Gen.I 350 crank in Gen.I 400 block 377..."Spacer" or "thick" main bearings with 350 crank-Rods-2.10"

Gen.II, "Medium Journal", includes "L-99" 265, "LT-1" 350, "LT-4" 350 265...Mains-2.45"-rods-2.10" 305...Mains-2.45"-Rods-2.10" 350...Mains-2.45"-Rods-2.10"

Non-production Gen.II combination, using Gen.II 265 "L-99" crank in Gen.II 350 block 302...Mains-2.45"-Rods-2.10"

Gen.III, includes '97-2005 "LS-1" Corvette, Firebird, Camaro 345...Mains-2.558"-Rods-2.10"

Corvette "ZR-1", DOHC, "LT-5" 350...Mains-2.76"-Rods-2.10"

Chevy Big Block V8 Crankshaft Journal Sizes


ALL Chevy big blocks used...Mains-2.7488"-2.7495"---Rods-2.20"

Chevy 348-409 "W" Motor V8 Crankshaft Journal Sizes

427 "Z-11"

ALL "W" family motors used...Mains-2.50"-Rods-2.20"

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