What type of engine is in the CAR I just bought


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Oct 25, 2012
1979 corvette
Hello, I am JP.

I just picked up a fantastic 1979 Corvette today for my wife ( my story and Im sticking to it)

I was all of the vehicle to see if the numbers matched. They do not.

Can someone help me determine the exact engine that is in this car.

The numbers I could get the paint off to read are:

010C1807-note both of the 0s have slashes in them...

the other is VO319TAX
I think its a 1970 truck 350....but would really appreciate an experianced opinion.


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Oct 7, 2012
1976 Chevy Cheyenne 1500 P/U
The numbers you've listed are;
Engine Code Number - VO319TAX
Engine Partial VIN Number - 010C1807
Another helpful number would be the Engine Casting Number, but it is difficult to get to, being located on the rear of the engine block, on the drivers side.
Yep, that'd put it between the engine and transmission!
So, working with the numbers you have;
Engine Code Number - VO319TAX - V denotes the Flint engine plant; 0319 is a date code, March, 19; TAX is the Engine Block Suffix Code, it decodes as either (manufactures often reused Engine Suffix Codes), 1970, 4 bbl, 350 cid, 255 HP, FWD/AT C10 - C35 Pickup, or, 1972, 4 bbl, 350 cid, 175 HP, MT, C10.
Engine Partial VIN Number - 010C1807 - 0 decodes as GM Truck, 1 is a date code, 1971, C is the assembly plant, Lansing, the last four digits are the last of the VIN number.
So, from this information, the engine is clearly a truck 350, from 1970 and started out life as a 350 cid, 255 hp in a 1971 pickup.
Probably a late 1970 manufacture engine from Flint, in an early 1971 manufacture pickup from Lansing.
Additional info can be had from the Engine Casting Number, but it is harder to get to as mentioned above.
In addition, given the age of the engine and it's present location in a 1979 Corvette, it would be interesting to get the casting numbers from the heads (remove the tappet covers to find the casting numbers) and identify them.

Good luck with your project and I hope your 'wife' enjoys it!!

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