SBC Identification / Date Code Question


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Dec 7, 2020
Chevy K10
Hi. New to Mortec. I am hoping someone can help with some ID numbers on my SBC engine block. The person I bought it from did not know much about the engine. I've searched around Mortec, Google, and various other internet resources and could not make sense of the casting date code and passenger side front pad stampings.

Block casting number is 14101148.
Block casting date code is K092. It looks like there may be another number after the 2, but it is obscured or worn. Or is it just a raised mark in the casting?
Passenger side front pad stamping is 1775LE.

It is sitting on my engine stand torn down to the short block. It is a 5.7L four bolt main, 1-piece rear seal block with a hydraulic flat tappet cam. It is machined for a roller cam. From what I've read this 14101148 engine casting number is an 86-90 block likely from a truck since it has a flat tappet cam. I also saw some info stating it could be a 87-90 block and another piece of info said it could be a 86-94 block. There is some conflicting info out there and I don't what is right and what is wrong.

I thought the casting date code might help, but it doesn't make sense if it is a 86-90 block. The K = November. And the 092 seems to be Day = 09 and Year = 2 ('92?). So maybe it is Nov 9, 1992? Not within 86-90, however. But it looks like there is possibly another number after the 2 like a 0 or 8 or 6. But K0920 or K0928 don't make sense either... doesn't seem to follow the GM block date coding for the day. The K092 date code makes sense if the 14101148 did go up to '94.

So, I turned to the stamped number on the passenger side front pad. It is 1775LE. That's it. No other letters or numbers. This stamping does not match any codes I could find. I do know the engine has .030 over pistons (marked on the pistons), so it has been rebuilt. I do not know if engine deck surface has been machined or altered and that may have removed the original.

Crankshaft casting number is 14088526.

It had 305HO '416 heads on it. So not the right ones.

So, I really don't know what I have other than the 14101148 block "mutt" 350. I am just trying to understand what I have so I know how to plan for reassembly.

Thanks for any info or corrections to my conclusions that you can offer.

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