SBC decoding in a swedish impala 1958

Anders Edholm

New Member
Aug 6, 2014
Chevrolet Impala
15 years ago i bought a 1958 Impala with what i thougt was a 283.
When driving it it have great tourque and runs very smooth.
but it was when i was able to accelerate at the same rate as a 66 pontiac GP i started wondering if it really was a 283.
The block casting number is 14016379 and 42 GM. 4,2 liters?
But it have a pre 1967 canister style oil filter with a conversion for spin on. bild 2.JPG bild 1.JPG
the front right number is V10098 a square and after that a zero.
the mounting holes for the valve covers are not correct for 58 they are symmetrical.
I have not taked the covers off so i dont know the casting of the heads but it have small conical plugs.

what is this and why is it running so good??

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