NOS LS6 and LS7 454's........In Crates.....I think.....


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Jan 15, 2017
1968 Camaro
Good morning fellas,
I've been a longtime user of the original Mortec site for identification and I GREATLY APPRECIATE all that have put it together and held it together for so long...truly a gem.

I have run across some possible diamonds in the rough...
4 exactly.

1 CORRECT, but not original ZL1 1/2 HR of run time on it...052 block, 074 heads 4296 carb, 1111263 dist correct crank, rods and pistons, the only deviation is a hydraulic cam.

1 new, in the crate LS6 with intake, flywheel to balancer

2 new, in the crate LS7's less intake. The 7's are PN 3965775.

The pictures that I have leave a lot to be desired, I am going to have a family member go and verify then numbers as they are out of state from me. The old timer that owns them isn't in the best of health and doesn't want to bust into the NOS crates to pull date codes etc....which before I buy them, I would get done.

First question.....what year did GM STOP building these engines? He thinks they were built in the 80's which seems suspicious. I bet they were bought in the 80's, but built there any data on this, I'm coming up dry.

Second, does it matter?

Are these as rare as I think they are, or are they just OTC crate motors?

He wants 40k for all of them. I know that the ZL is worth a pretty penny, but I can't find anything even close to a cost for a truly NOS LS6-7 crate motor.

I appreciate your help ahead of time...thanks for the assistance.

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