Need help with 350 SBC information

John Logan

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Dec 27, 2018
Hi all, new to the forum and the SBC world. I just purchased an old toyota land cruiser with a 350 conversion and so far love the engine. I am amazed at all the aftermarket parts for it and the potential. I also have an 89 GMC Suburban with the same engine that i recently required from family as our snowplow, my wife and I have also traveled all over Colorado in it years back and it never let us down.

I am having some trouble nailing down the engine in the toyota and want to get some more, or as much, information on it that I can and figured I could ask around here to start off my membership to this forum. I am sure I will be using this resource the more I dig into both of these rigs as time goes on.

So, here is what I have found on the Toyota so far:
Engine cast number rear of engine on passenger side: 14093638
numbers cast into rear of engine on drivers side: 57 LG SGI 6197 E153
Number engraved on front passenger side landing behind my alternator: (pretty hard to read but looks like) VE193151

From my research I figure I have a 1986-1994 350. From the E153 I think the engine was made May 15th 1993. So far that is all that I can decipher and I would like to know more, such as what vehicle it came from and anything else I can learn. The guy I bought it from told me it was from a 1991 police cruiser, but he had bought it from one of his employees (he owned a Toyota Land Cruiser repair and customization shop and his employee did the original swap before ever working for him, he is now retired and an older guy so I dont think he really knew or cared to know much about it). With that, what he told me does not seem correct. Furthermore, he told me that they changed over to using a serpentine belt in 92, but the weird thing about that is my 89 suburban has a serpentine belt but the toyota does not, it has standard belts running the engine components, but technically the suburban should be the older engine (I have not managed to see or look for these numbers on that vehicle yet, much harder as there is less room at the back of the engine on my suburban due to engine placement).

Anyway, I figured I would see if anyone here could shed some light on the subject, as I said, the engraved/imprinted number behind my alternator is the hardest to make out, but I think I can see it well enough that what is stated above is correct, just cant really find any information on it other than it could be made in Flint. Any help is much appreciated!

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