Help confirm casting info, please!


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Jan 3, 2015
Dallas, TX
'82 Chevy K20
Hello, all! I'm both the proud new owner of an '82 K20 long-bed, and a new member of this great site.

Short post: Need to identify the motor to order correct parts - in this case, the oil pan. I started to order a pan for my model year, and realized the dipstick is on the wrong side (driver's) for the vehicle year. Think I've got it figured out, but not certain, so I'd very much appreciate some confirmation. I came up with it being a 350 casted 12/21/72, assembled 01/03/73 in Flint, MI. Casting numbers listed below...

Casting No. - 3970010
Casting Date - L 21 2
Assembly Date - F0103CKL

Unnecessary details: The truck is in great shape, runs great, and so far I've just been going through it and fixing minor issues and preforming preventative maintenance - new battery, plugs and wires, belts, front axle-shaft U-joints, drag-links and tie rods, and some new rubber. Next up, is a leaky pan/timing-chain cover gasket fix. I found a great article on detailing gasket replacement with some extras, and plan on doing much the same thing - Edelbrock two-piece timing-chain cover, Edelbrock true-roller timing chain and gears, Fel-Pro one-piece PermaDryPlus oil pan gasket, and a new pan. The trouble is that I began to order a new pan, only to realize the motor may not be the original - the dipstick is on the driver's side, when every pan supposed to fit my '82 model vehicle came up with the stick on the passenger side. A quick search online revealed another guy who had a similar issue. The responses included a general rule of thumb stating that '79 and older had driver side dipsticks, with '80-? having it on the passenger side. Also, perhaps of some note, underneath 30+ yrs of grease, everything (block, pan, heads, valve covers) is painted bright orange - I vaguely remember something about that being the case for motors from the 70s, and some aftermarket crate motors from various years. Anyways, I would appreciate the help if someone out there has a moment to look it up and verify

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