Engine in 57 Chevy Bel Air


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Aug 7, 2019
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Good Morning Everyone,

I really need help with this because it has stumped quite a few people out there who are considered experts in identifying engines. I'm currently looking at purchasing a 1957 Chevy Bel Air 2 door hardtop sport coupe. I'm trying to determine if it is numbers matching as to the engine but it doesn't appear to be. However, the numbers throw me off as to what type of intake setup it should come with and what is the original engine it came with. I'm hoping someone here can help me before I invest the money.

To start off here are the engine numbers :
Casting #
3849852 (everything I have seen says it is a 57-66 283)

Date Stamp
A 12 8 (Based on my research, this stamp tells me that it was cast in January on the 12th day of a year with an 8 at the end of it. I've narrowed down that it is most likely 1958 as I have seen no literature out there that b says the 68 Chevy had a 283. Coupled with the casting number above we can narrow it to 58 as well because most of the available literature says that cast number covered the 283 from 57-66/67.)

This is where it gets confusing.
Suffix Code:
F0II2GF (Based on my research the F says it was assembled in Flint, Michigan. The 0I, according to research GM used a capital I as a 1 instead of the actual numeral, so here that would mean it was assembled in January the first month of the year on the I2th day. That seems to coincide with the cast date. Where everyone has been stumped is with the suffix code GF. This particular suffix code for all intents and purposes should not be available for 58 based on the amount of research available.). Can anyone out there explain this?

My 2nd question then is, if this isn't the original engine, what did it come with and how do I find out what engine did? Based on the VIN and body tag, the only thing I know is that it's a sport coupe. I can't figure anything else out. Can someone please help with this?

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