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Mar 2, 2013
1981 Chevy Corvette
just got a 1981 corvette the engine isnt stock. the engine cast number is 3970014 and the head casting number is 3973487. also has T 0410 CKB on it. Can anyone tell me a little about this engine and heads? year, specs, hp, ext...????


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Oct 7, 2012
1976 Chevy Cheyenne 1500 P/U
Hello and welcome to the forum!
From the numbers you've posted we can tell a few things about your engine;

3970014 - Engine Casting Number - This is one of the top three most used castings, so here's the detail on it; 1968 - 1979, 350 CID car & Truck, 2 & 4-Bolt Mains.

3973487 - Head Casting Number - 350 CID, 1968 - 1979, 1.94"I/1.50"E, or, 2.02"I/1.60"E, 76cc chamber.

T0410CKB - Engine Assembly Code - T = Tonawanda (vehicle assembly plant), 0410 = April 10 (date code), CKB = 1972, 350 CID, turbo 400 trans, L65 (VIN), 165 HP, 2 BBL, A & B (body), also, 1973, 350 CID, m/t 4 spd (trans), L48 (VIN), 175 HP, 4 BBL, F, A & X/Monte (body), also, 1974, 350 CID, m/t 3 & 4 spd (trans), 185 HP, 4 BBL, F & X (body).

So, your engine is either a 1972 165 HP, 1973 175 HP or 1974 185 HP 350.

To nail it down to the exact year, I'll need the Engine Partial VIN Code, this is also a hand stamped number that should be in close vicinity to the Engine Assembly Code above.
If you can clean around that area, maybe with a rag and some solvent, you can find the Engine Partial VIN Code.
Often paint, grease and dirt can completely obscure these numbers, a wire brush may be helpful as well.
It will look something like this, 12L116798.
When you find it, please post it in this thread and I'll try to nail your engine down to an exact year.

I hope some of this information helps!
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