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Feb 12, 2013
1987 Chevy Monte Carlo LS
Does anyone know of a website that u can type in ur engine block vin or suffix codes to get specs on ur block?
MIne are vin-192225226 and suffix-K06 02 CGC with my casting-3970010. If anyone can help it would be awesome.


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Oct 7, 2012
1976 Chevy Cheyenne 1500 P/U
Hello and welcome to the forum!
The short answer to your question; "Does anyone know of a website that u can type in ur engine block vin or suffix codes to get specs on ur block?", is: no.
There are many websites that have partial listings of Chevy Small Engine Block Casting Numbers, Engine Assembly Codes and Partial Engine VIN Codes.
However, these tend to be vehicle specific, i.e., 1st Gen Camaros, 2nd & 3rd Gen Camaros, El Caminos, Corvettes, 1966 - 1972 Pickups, Dirt Track Racing, such as that and more.
On any of these sites, you may be fortunate and find the codes for the engine you have.

Now, from the numbers you've listed, here's some info;
Block Casting Number = 3970010; 1969-1979, 302/350 cid, car & Truck, 2 & 4-Bolt Mains, 4 Bolt Most common.
This covers a huge array of engines.
An interesting thing happened in Chevy plants sometime during the 1971 model year production; early in 1970, Congress past a law requiring all U.S. auto manufacturers to standardize the Partial Engine VIN Code format and the location it was stamped on the engine. The new law was to go into effect for the 1972 model year. Chevy enacted the procedure mid way through the 1971 model year production.
Part way into the production of the engine block casting code you have.
Prior to the change, each assembly plant had a lot of latitude in configuring the Engine Assembly Code and the Partial Engine VIN Code and in where they stamped them on the engine.
The numbers you ave posted; "vin-192225226 and suffix-K06 02 CGC", appear to be before this change by Chevy.
After the change, an Engine Assembly Code would look like; V0112CLJ, the Engine Partial VIN Code would look like; 13N132794.
These 'modern' codes are easy to decode; the example Engine Assembly Code V0112CLJ = V = Assembly Plant = Flint, 0112 = Date Code = January 12, CLJ = Engine Sufffix Code = CLJ = 1973, 350 CID, man/trans, 4 spd, Z28, 245 HP, 4 BBL, Z-28/Kingswood.
This is when and in what the engine was installed.
To further complicate the matter of decoding these engine codes, Chevy reused Engine Suffix Codes, CLJ can also be decoded as; CLJ = 1991, 305 CID, LB9, F, 205 HP, TPI, Firebird. Since we know the Block Casting Number has a manufacturing range of 1969 - 1979, it's a pretty safe guess it wasn't assembled by Chevy in a 1992 Firebird, which was a Pontiac product!
The example Engine Partial VIN Code, 13N132794 decodes as; 1 = Chevy, 3 = 1973 (Model Year), N = Norwood (Ohio, Assembly Plant), 132794 = last 6 digits of vehicle VIN.
The numbers you've posted don't match these formats, so a safe assumption is your engine was assembled from mid-1971 and back.
Lastly, these numbers would have been hand stamped on a raised pad at the passenger side, front of the engine block, just below the surface where the head mates to the block. On a fully assembled engine, this is generally behind the alternator.

So, what can we make of all this?
It would be good to know where you found these numbers on the block.
From mid-1971 and back, these numbers you've posted would have been hand stamped in one of several places; on the block in the area of the oil filter mount, along the flange where the transmission bolts to the engine, usually on the drivers side, but could be on the passenger side, somewhere on the front of the block.
From mid-1971 and up to present, as mentioned above, on a raised pad on the passenger side, front of the block.
Now, taking the one of the codes you posted, "K06 02 CGC", and using what I think is the Engine Suffix Code, CGC, we get; CGC = CGC = 1971, 350 CID, turbo hydro (trans), 245 HP, 2 BBL, El Camino.
This Engine Suffix Code also decodes as; CGC = CGC = 1971, 350 HP, std trans, pol/taxi, 245 HP, 2 BBL, full size.
I think these are an accurate original assembly of your engine.
You chose which one you like best, seems both engines are identical, except the vehicles they were put in.

I hope some of this helps!
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