Corvette heads?

Michael 1946

New Member
Sep 15, 2020
1979 Camero
I have a recently I figured out that I had a 283 with a powerglide that my dad had left me it's matching numbers for a 55 6 and 7 it's almost a complete motor he didn't have the exhaust manifolds or the distributor it has everything else generator and all that I'm trying to figure out somebody wants to buy it and they said doesn't have Corvette heads on it well I don't know how how can you tell I could really use some help on this the motor's been sitting in this building for eight years now or more it was running when it was pulled I got told it was pulled out of a 57 Chevy pickup69I'm just trying to figure out I've told people $500 for both and they people act like that's just too much so that's why it's still sitting here I just needs I just need somebody's you know help trying to figure out what exactly I have the Corvette heads are not and basically what it's worth I know it came out of '57 Chevy pickup because the guy that was there with my dad when he pulled it wouldn't tell me that it was when it wasn't but it's a matching numbers for $55 six or seven Chevy so thank you for whatever help that you can give me

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