Chevy engine ID

Jim Lock

New Member
Sep 23, 2017
I have a SBC Chevy engine the ID numbers behind the Alternator on the block are 16S406771 V0923CHC . I bought the engine only to put in a Mud truck. I don't have the vehicle it came out of. I was told it is a 4 bolt 350 70's or 80's. It has had some mods, by a machine shop I was told. It has 202 Valve heads "which are probably not Original" Ederbrock manifold and Ederbrock 600 CFM Carb. and Has a High Lift cam as I was told 589 lift but I don't know for sure. What I would like is help with Identifying the Numbers to tell me Exactly what the engine was originally. I have looked at the Numbers posted on some web sites including Mortec and explanations given on how to read these number , but to be honest My Head is Spinning trying to figure this out. Can someone help that really know how to do this. Thanks

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