Cam Suggestion for 406 SBC build


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Nov 2, 2013
1965 Chevy II Nova
I have a fresh built .030 400 with Forged Speedpro flat tops, high volumn oil pump, deep 6qt hamburger pan (chevy II), double roller timing, Hooker headers, 441 casting heads (with 2.02/1.60, Comp springs, screw-in studs, guide plates, & Comp cast roller tip rockers), cam TBD, Mallory electronics with box, EDELBROCK Performer RPM intake, carb TBD, BOGG's built T350 (all good internals) 3000 stall and hooked to a 10 bolt posi with 355's.

Looking for a combination that will run on 93 octane, which is closely available.

Looking for the right cam for this combo. I have almost always run Comp Cams. I have a Big Mutha Thumpr (Lift .500/.486- Duration 295/313- RPM range 2500-6500. Seems this may be too big.

I have disc brakes that are not power. Not real concerned about vacuum. 2700lb car I want it to sound rowdy and launch.

Any suggestions on a good cam for this? Thank in advance


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Dec 21, 2012
Jeffersonville, Indiana
1929 Buick, 1957 Chevrolet

Welcome to the forum. Sorry I have been unable to respond, we have had a couple of deaths in the family and some other family illnesses. A whole lot of the cam size is going to be determined by the rear end gear ratio of your 355s. With a pretty wicked cam the engine is going to be struggling because of your tall gears. You probably have the engine already put together by this time but using the cam you have listed, I would think you need to go to a lower gear... 373 minimum. You also didn't mention if you have a lock-up converter or not.
A question about your heads... are they from a 400 SBC or another. Reason I ask is in order to use the heads on a SBC 400, if they don't already have the steam holes in the heads they will have to be drilled. The information I have on any kind of 441 heads, they have 194/150 valves and come either with 76cc on the 441 or 80cc on the 441X. I don't show anything with 202s unless you have had them worked to accept the larger valves. Could be something there that I don't have information on.
If your chambers are the cc/s I have listed using flat tops, your compression ratio is going to be between 9.0:-1 to 1.0:-1, depending on whether you have 2 valve reliefs or 4. Since you have forged pistons I would assume they have 2 valve reliefs or one all the way across.

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