91 chev 350.


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Jan 15, 2020
pine city washington
91 chev 2500 pickup
use to be my father's truck but both head gaskets were blown and he got it used. i changed the head gaskets and all the other gaskets on the top end. and went to rebuild the bottom end and dad ran out of give a damn so it sat for a year. i fixed his other cars and he gave me he truck. now that it is mine should i pull the engine and go through it entirely or just finish the bottom end. right now it is in a side yard with lots of snow around it.and it id a 4x4 with no bed. what is the weakpoints on these engines?


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Nov 18, 2019
1978 Monte Carlo 383 slammed
GMC, thats funny ! Okay so yeah i would pull the pan and see what kind of shape those bearings are in.
Why were the head gaskets blown ? did they rust through ? and the 64000 $$ question here ... was it overheated ?
Overheating a 90's SB it a death nil on these motors as the heads will crack and then they start steamin and people think head gaskets will fix it and no its gone bad and it won't be a easy fix.

Yeah i will tell ya the weak link on a 90's small block, its the oil pump and to make matters worse running 5w-30 or even 0w-30 synth oil
Basically your running oil that pours like water with a pump thats barely pushing 40psi , ive pulled apart lots of small blocks with no bearing left in them, cam bearings that are worn out and lots a times the cranks need machining or they are just toast.
I like to put a big block pump in my small blocks and if im running synthetics i make darn sure that pump is makin 55 psi when im rollin down the road

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