74 Blazer engine numbers back -GM50L6. Front- K0225CDD


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Oct 25, 2020
74 Chevy Blazer
My starter went out in my 74 blazer. I figured it would be a simple swap with a new one. I have tried 3 different ones and none of them work. The teeth on the spindle is about a half in to far away from the teeth on the flex plate. I have referenced the numbers from the old starter and that hasn’t helped. The old starter has the two mounting bolt holes straight across from each other. All the new ones I get one of the mounting bolts is staggered back a little. The block has the holes set up to take either style. I started thinking yesterday what if someone put a different engine in it and it’s not a 350. Here are the numbers I found.
back of block- GM50L6. Front numbers - K0225CDD I am now thinking someone put a 305 in my blazer. Can anyone help me figure out the year and vehicle this block came from ? Thank you

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