327 Not my original engine?


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May 26, 2013
1966 Chevy C10 Truck
I think I have most of this decoded. By the way very awesome site and appreciate the clean layout and easy to read message board.

Starting to fix up my first car that I ever drove that has been sitting for 20 years. Its in good shape, except for the start of the inside of a tear down in the cab about 15years ago.

I'm trying to see if all my numbers line up and while I know the heads are 202 Fuelie's and not the original power packs, the engine looks like it may have been swapped at some point. Maybe when I took it in to get rebuilt a couple of times.

The casting number is 3858180
The VIN is TI0I3EAH - It is actually stamped with capital I instead of a one, but I am still guessing this is a number 1.

From what I can tell it is a 327 and from the 64-67yr, but the VIN is just not lining up with a Truck It is a Chevy 1966 C10 with factory in dash Air. Any ideas?


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Dec 21, 2012
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Possible donor vehicle engines are below:

Code Year CID Vehicle HP RPO Trans Carb Comments
EA 56 265 Truck 154 221 Manual 2-Brl Hydra
EA 57 283 Impala 245 469A 3-spd 2 4-Brl Carter WCFB
EA 65 327 Chevelle 250 L-30 Manual 4-Brl Hyd Cam
EA 66 327 Chevelle 275 L-30 Manual 4-Brl Hyd Cam, AFB
EA 67 327 Chevelle 275 L-30 Manual 4-Brl Hyd Cam
EA 68 327 Nova 275 L-30 Manual 4-Brl Hyd Cam
EA 68 327 Chevelle 275 L-30 Manual 4-Brl Hyd Cam
EA 68 327 Camaro 275 L-30 Manual 4-Brl Hyd Cam

The casting number (3858180) shows to be a 64-67 327 2 bolt main.

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