1992 truck engine


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Sep 27, 2015
1982 Silverado
I have a 1982 Silverado that I put a used 1992 Chevy 5.7 liter motor in about a year ago. The engine had been overhauled before I got it and already transplanted into a 87 Suburban. It is .30 over on the cylinders and .05 on the rod and mains. I also have an Edelbrock 1205 on a factory intake. It has great low end torque and has no trouble breaking the rear tires loose even with 273 ratio and 265x70-17 tires. I am assuming that it still has the factory heads and cam. The problem is it seems like around 3000 rpm you just dropped the anchor and it just goes gutless. Talking with some local folks they seem to be split on whether it is either heads or cam that is causing it. What would be the most budget friendly way to get some more grunt above 3000 rpm? Thanks for any input.

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