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I have been off the forum for quite some time. If you haven't found the information you wanted feel free to let me know.
{The 14096217 SBC head casting) Working on a set of 14096217's that came from a 5.7 Mercruiser, They are 1.94" / 1.50" valve head with 64cc chambers and no swirlport vanes. Some interesting points to note, these heads have hard steel exhaust seat inserts ! the exhaust v/v's are 0.372 (3/8") oversize stem, These are for HD use.
These heads are definitely bowl bias to act as a semi swirl-port head, a good head porter could really have some fun making these an even more aggressive swirler and really punch the torque curve.
I little more info on GM production Small Block torquer heads.
14102187...87-91...305....TBI... Swirlport ....58cc....1.84"/1.5" valves
14102191...87-up...350....TBI .... Swirlport ....64 and 76 cc .... 1.94"/1.5" valves may also have heavy duty big stem (0.371") exhaust valves, Heavy Truck and Marine.
14102193...87-up...350.. TBI .. Swirlport .. 64cc ...... 1.94"/1.5" valves
The 305 tbi heads on a flow bench flow very well.
hello to all. Looking for information for number found on a Chevy 350 that came with a Bel Air 55 that was recently purchased. Thanks for your time and help. V1126ZDF
Gimp, did you get the information you wanted? If not I will try to help.
I need to know what motor block I have the 2 numbers on back is 355909 j276 and the one out front is 17k424588
Hi everyone
Need help with engine suffix code. Engine is in a 1988 Camaro. The suffix code has been almost ground off. All I can see is V- - - - FSX.
Any help would be awesome
Thank you.
Hi Hi Pro, I have bean reading about 3956618 SBC Blocks on your forum. I have one that is bored out to 40 thou. and been decked. It is a 1969 block and has the nodular iron 4 bolt caps on it. On the opposite side to the engine number on the block is an unusual cast symbol that looks like a type of Fuilie or castle symbol. Can I send a Picture of it to you. Your help would be greatly appreciated. thanks HT Monaro.
What casting # is under the valve cover ?