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Hi everyone
Need help with engine suffix code. Engine is in a 1988 Camaro. The suffix code has been almost ground off. All I can see is V- - - - FSX.
Any help would be awesome
Thank you.
Hi Hi Pro, I have bean reading about 3956618 SBC Blocks on your forum. I have one that is bored out to 40 thou. and been decked. It is a 1969 block and has the nodular iron 4 bolt caps on it. On the opposite side to the engine number on the block is an unusual cast symbol that looks like a type of Fuilie or castle symbol. Can I send a Picture of it to you. Your help would be greatly appreciated. thanks HT Monaro.
What casting # is under the valve cover ?
Howdy MotorMonkey, I'd like to chat with you about Chevy Engines. I'm 68 and grew up with the cars and Trucks of the 50's and 60's. My home number is 714-772-1302 or cell phone 714-213-2919. I live in Anaheim by Disneyland. I sleep from 3AM till the crack of NOON. so afternoons and any evenings are fine. Thanks....Craig
Currently own a 1975 Nova .Had 4 in 1990 2 SS and two hatchback that was when they were practicaly giving them away.
How does this work trying to find what my motor is num isv11i5we
We're do I go to ask questions
I have a '47 Ford with what is supposed to be a crate 350. Numbers on pass side head front are: 1M1123 over 1VP. Can someone identify?
anyone can help me identify my block info i have is. GM 3914660. H2 660 638 CONV 1. T15. T0529HN. 18J283566
hey crunchy, did you post a reply?? didn't see it yet. ps after more digging I have decided the motor is most likely a 283 from 58-60. No wonder the motor looked so old that i thought it could be original. what are the odds that someone at sometime pulled the original 350 out of the car and put in a smaller motor that is 10 years older than the car???
I suppose that's possible. Glad you figured it out.
tried to find a starter for this engine . no luck they all grind even when shimmed. can anyone help?
i have a 71 c-10 with a 350 but what year motor? it has a c238 tag on the driver side rear ledge below the deck.