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Oct 27, 2021
The Nepalese Rupee, codenamed NPR, is the currency of Nepal. It is currently pegged to the Indian rupee, which is two-thirds of the Indian rupee.
The Nepalese rupee is the same as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other South Asian countries, but the same is only the writing and pronunciation of the currency, and the exchange rate with other countries’ currencies is different.
The Nepalese rupee and the Indian rupee have a linked exchange rate, which means that the exchange rate of the two rupees is fixed at 1:1.6. Once the exchange rate between the Indian rupee、the Renminbi fluctuates, and the rate of Nepal rupee to USD will also fluctuate. Major and minor currency system: 1 rupee = 100 Paisa (Paisa)
The official exchange rate of the Nepalese currency is published daily in The Rising Nepal newspaper, and the radio station will also broadcast daily in Nepali.


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