Hi there I’m new to this forum stuff,never joined one before but know I’m stumped I just acquired a 71 Chevy nova with a small block engine


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Oct 18, 2020
1971 Chevy nova
Help identify please,my 71 nova I just acquired came with a small block Chevy engine that is out of the car and currently on a engine stand,I can’t figure out exactly what I have but I’m pretty sure it’s 1967 ,302,327,or a 350, the stamp on the back of the engine block,driver side is 3892657,and the number on the block on the passenger side ,front of the head is VOII8k1,this number I can’t find in any forum or article anywhere,can you guys help me out,? Also it has fuelie heads on it according to the casting design I found description picture online,2 little humps with bolt holes and machined flat surface for attaching accessories , I can send pictures if I get my kid to help,lol.